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Professional Medical Coding Curriculum (PMCC):

Includes All Text Books


Many states and healthcare facilities have already begun to require Medical Coding Certification as a prerequisite for employment in the Medical Coding and Compliance fields. The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) has identified coding and billing as a high risk area, therefore,  it is in the best interest of the Facility to ensure that individuals who are directly involved with billing, coding or other aspects of the Federal Healthcare Program receive extensive education specific to the individual’s responsibilities.

Medco Consultants Inc. is committed to advancing the knowledge of the medical community by presenting this comprehensive Professional Medical Coding Curriculum.


Course Description:

This comprehensive curriculum is designed to provide the student with an in-depth knowledge of ICD-9-CM, CPT, and HCPCS coding. Students will code from case studies using the latest versions of the ICD-9-CM, CPT and HCPCS coding books. Students will also be instructed on the importance of ethical standards and coding for compliance. This course is designed for anyone with a healthcare background looking to enhance their career in coding, billing and compliance. This course is designed for anyone with or without a healthcare background looking to start a new career or enhance their current healthcare career with medical coding certification. This course also prepares the student for the nationally recognized CPC® (Certified Professional Coder) or CCS-P (Certified Coding Specialist-Physician) credential.


Course Objectives:

At the completion of this course, students will have demonstrated through evaluation (testing) of their performance, their ability to:

Understand the importance of compliance for coding and billing

Understand basic anatomy and identify key word elements in medical terminology

Identify the uses and applications of ICD-9-CM

Understand the format of the ICD-9-CM manual and conventions for the selection of ICD-9-CM codes

Identify and understand the importance of correct ICD-9-CM coding for billing and compliance

Utilize Volumes 1&2 to correctly code illness and disease

Understand when, why and how to select the appropriate E-code(s) and V-code(s)

Utilize the Hypertension Table, Neoplasm Table and The Table of Drugs and Chemicals

Understand Medicare’s rules and regulations pertaining to Local Coverage Determinations (LCDs, formerly LMRPs).

Understand and properly utilize HCPCS code(s)

Basic concepts and formats of the CPT book

Understand Evaluation & Management Services (The Documentation Guidelines both 1995 & 1997)

Understand the six categories of CPT with their specific guidelines

The concepts of modifiers and the proper application to the CPT coding system

Understand the importance of correct ICD-9-CM linkage to procedure codes to demonstrate medical necessity


Course Details:

The curriculum outlined above will be presented in twelve (12) sessions in a workshop format. Sessions will be eight (8) hours long and will be offered once a week on Saturdays for a twelve (12) week period. Classes are instructed by a Certified Professional Coder (CPC®) . Successful completion of this course (Minimum of 80 hrs. of classroom training) will waive one year of the two years coding work experience required as a pre-requisite for taking the (CPC®) Examination.

 AAPC Certification Pre-requisites (Not included with course)

Two letters of recommendation

Two years experience in Medical Coding (one year waived upon course completion)  Note: Upon passing the exam, a CPC-A (Apprentice) credential will be designated until required coding experience is achieved, at that time the CPC –A credential will be upgraded to CPC providing all requirements are met.

Legibly printed AAPC - (CPC®) Exam Application

(CPC®)  Examination Fee ($300.00)   Note: $260.00 for PMCC students

Medical Terminology/Anatomy course or textbook is recommended


PMCC Course: $2,600.00  Register Early - Price subject to change without notice.

Course includes:

1.Textbooks (Certain books may be substituted depending on availability)

Current Procedural Coding (CPT)  Professional

International Classification of Diseases-9th-Clinical Modification (ICD-9-CM) Volumes 1 & 2 Expert

Health Care Procedural Coding System (HCPCS)  Level II Professional

Coding Exam Success

Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, 21st Edition + Taber’sPlus DVD


2. AAPC membership for one year (New Enrollments Only)


PMCC Course, The CPC®  Exam Test Dates:

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Registration and Payment Methods:

Register by completing the registration form which can be downloaded from our website  or call 718.217.3802 for a fax copy.  ((A $700.00 minimum deposit is required at least 30 days in advance to reserve your seat), the remaining balance of the course (($1900.00) is due in full by first day of class, unless a payment plan has been arranged as outlined below.

Payment Plans are assessed a $100.00 administrative fee



Payment Plan Option:  4 monthly payments – Call 718.217.3802 for details

We accept: Cash, checks, Money Orders and major credit cards.

Note: Returned checks will be assessed a $25.00 administrative fee


Refunds, Cancellations & Transfers:

Refunds, Transfers or cancellation requests must be made in writing, and faxed, emailed or postmarked no less than 30 days prior to course start date, ($100.00 transfer fee applies). Full refunds are made only in the event of a course cancellation by “Medco”. A 50% cancellation fee will apply to refunds made for any other reason (excluding PMCC Course for which deposit fee is non-refundable). No refunds are made after the 30 day deadline.

If you are unable to attend the course for which you registered, you may be able to transfer to the next scheduled course (depending on space availability). You must check course schedule and registration deadlines. A $100.00 transfer fee is required to transfer courses. Your transfer fee and new registration form must be received at least 30 days prior to the first day of the course for which you originally registered. Please note that a transfer fee is assessed on each transfer.



Individual PMCC Modules

Text Books Not Included

You can choose any of the modules you wish to attend from the PMCC Course Outline and obtain 8 CEU’S for each module attended.


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